Q: How much does it cost?
A: Prices depend on tour selection or duration of customized flights. 

Q: How many passengers can ride?
A: Up to 3 passengers per ride (or up to 500 lbs total, depending on varying factors). If your group is more than 3 people or exceeds the maximum total passenger weight limit, passengers may be split in to separate rides. Since cost is per person (or per seat), this does not incur an additional cost. For example if your group is 4 people, 2 people would go on the first flight and 2 would go on the second flight. *Note: Due to operating costs, for a Shorty Hop, a minimum of 3 people are needed to start the helicopter, we will accept a minimum of 2 if the helicopter(s) are already running.

Q: What are the age limits?
A: There are no age limits, however, children 2 years old and up are required to sit in their own seat per FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Regulations. Children under 2 years old may sit in the lap.

Q: Are there any weight restrictions?
A: Yes. For safety reasons, maximum weight per seat may not exceed 300 lbs, or 500 lbs for the total passenger load. Max total passenger weight accepted at a give time is at the pilot’s discretion based on current weather conditions and fuel load. If your group exceeds the max total passenger weight, you may be split into separate rides.

Q: Can we take pictures?
A: You may take pictures or video with a camera or phone in flight. After your flight, you may pass your camera/phone to the staff member assisting you and he/she can take a photo of you in front of the aircraft. Disposable cameras are available for purchase. See also photo flights or customized flights. 

Q: How long are the flights?
A: See tour descriptions for distance in miles. Actual times vary. Each flight is unique depending on weights and fluctuating weather conditions.

Q: When are you open?
A: View our contact page for hours of operation.

Q: Is there a wait and do I need to make a reservation?
A: Walk-ins are welcome, however, there are sometimes waits up to 30-45 minutes. Reservations are recommended on weekends and for longer flights. There are no reservations for the Shorty Hop.

Q: Do you fly in the rain?
A: We can fly in the rain. Weather is closely monitored and we do not fly if there is danger from lightening, high winds or hail. Should a reservation be canceled due to weather conditions, we will call the phone number provided and the reservation can be rescheduled or refunded.

Q: Can I fly if I’m pregnant?
A: Our tours do not reach an altitude at which air pressure is affected and it is safe to fly into the third trimester. However, if you are high risk or have concerns, please contact your doctor.

Q: Do you offer Military Discounts?
A: Persons carrying an active Military ID will receive a 10% discount on The Bagnell Dam Special and above. Military ID must be presented at the time of purchase.

Q: Do you have group rates?
A: Group rates are available for groups of 9 or more. Please call the sales office at 573-302-0022 to make reservations and inquire about discounts.

Q: How old do children have to be to fly with out a parent?
A: Every child is different and the decision to fly without a parent, guardian or older sibling is based on maturity. Parents may allow children to fly without an older companion at any age, however, our pilots reserve the right to make the final call.