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2019 Crop Application Herbicide, Pesticide, Fungicide Season:

We will try to meet or beat any written competitor's price quotes!

April-September Aerial Application Rates:

-$8.50 per/acre for most Applications-

Aug-October Cover Crop Application:

  1. All field work performed will be done with the utilization of a GPS AG-NAV precision guidance system 
  2. All Field work will be scheduled by reservation, utilizing Flight Plan Online crop prescription software or conventional paper job order and GIS Mapping.


 Ozark Helicopters, LLC is committed to providing you with the best price and service possible. Owner Daniel Doornink is a 5th generation farmer from Sioux County, Iowa. He grew up farming with his dad and grandfather and has extensive row crop experience. He joined the Navy to serve his country after 9/11. He served as a MX. crew chief on SH60 Seahawks and it was there that he discovered his love for flight.  He has been flying professionally for almost 15 years. He has also worked as a commercial flight instructor, AG pilot, pipeline pilot for the oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico, a tour pilot, and an EMS Life Flight pilot. Flying and farming has been his life blood for over three decades! Today Dan lives in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri with his wife Katie and three kids: Garrett, Grace & Grant. 

Our company objective is an unsurpassed commitment to providing excellent customer service to customer, God and country. 

contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss how we can partner to lower cost and add value to your growers needs:


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Provide our customers with unsurpassed professional agricultural services and products through our commitment, competence and responsiveness in meeting customer needs by exceeding expectations with impeccable standards of integrity, performance and Safety.  

Our company objectives also include maintaining a high-performing team of self-starters, eager to sustain an effective organization that outperforms the competition in customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. 

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 There is no argument that Helicopter GPS precision spraying can  and will deliver loads faster with much more pin-point accuracy.

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 For over 10 years we have provided safe and reliable aviation solutions to our  customers and business partners.

Accurate Timely Aerial Protection

 Will enhance in-season protection and crop standability to improve harvestable yields!


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